Southern Cross Lodge - Map & Directions


It will take you just over an hour to reach Methven/Mt Hutt Village from Christchurch International Airport. Driving south from Christchurch, take SH1 to Rakaia. Turn right at the big salmon, stay on the main road and you will drive straight into Methven. When you arrive at a T Junction with the service station, turn right. Racecourse Avenue is the last left turn before you exit Methven.

Methven Travel operates a public shuttle to and from Christchurch and Christchurch Airport. For more information visit

Alternatively, take the Inland Scenic Route on SH72 through Horarata and Rakaia Gorge and turn left at the first signpost you see (at Mt Hutt Station) to Methven via the alt route. When you arrive in Methven, take the very first right turn onto Racecourse avenue. 

If you are coming from the south, turn left at Ashburton at the Mega Mitre 10 and stay on Alford Forest Road which becomes Methven Highway (State Hwy 77). Approx 25 mins later you will enter Methven. When you arrive at the main crossroads, continue on throught and Racecourse Avenue is the last left turn before you exit Methven.